Two Bike Gravity Stand


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Two Bike Gravity Rack from Delta on Vimeo.
  • Enjoying a hobby, like cycling, should not mean sacrificing floor space to accommodate your gear. With a small footprint and innovative design, the Delta Two Bike Gravity Stand safely suspends your bicycles and securely holds them within reach for your next ride.
  • Ideal for apartment living or your home or garage. Choose the perfect wall to set up your Two Bike Gravity Stand, with no permanent drilling or hanging required.
  • Built to accommodate any bike size or type, this bike stand supports two bikes up to 36kg total (18kg per bike).
  • Independent arms accommodate any bike size or style, up to 18kgs each. Proprietary non-slip rubber coated arms protect your bike and provide secure storage up to 36kg total.
  • Easily assemble in minutes with only a screwdriver. Store and remove your bike in seconds and reclaim your floor space.
  • No permanent attachment or drilling required. Take your bike up off the floor. The ideal apartment bike rack, this stand is elegantly designed to suit any modern décor.
  • Durable rubber feet keep this free-standing bike rack securely in place. No permanent mounting or hanging required and secure storage for any bike(s) up to 36kg total.


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  • WARNING: Improper installation could result in personal injury including damage to your wall and your bike!
  1. Begin assembling the legs and work upwards.
  2. Do not tighten bolts until rack is fully assembled and tubes are properly aligned.
  3. Adjust height of arms before they bear any weight.
  4. Make sure that all bolts are tight before using.

IMPORTANT: Do not exceed maximum total weight limit of 35kg.
Maximum load per hook 11kgs. Maximum weight per bike 22kgs.

  • IMPORTANT SAFETY: In order to avoid accidental toppling of the rack, a wall stabilising strap is supplied. This should be attached to the rack at one end with the bolt provided. The other end of the strap should be secured to the wall using a screw that is suitable for the type of wall construction. If in doubt, consult your hardware merchant for the correct method of fixing based on the wall construction.