Ceiling Hoist


Raise your bike so its safely stored up and out of the way.

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Product code AS2200W.

About the Ceiling Hoist by Delta Cycle

Easily store your bike up and out of the way. The Delta Ceiling Hoist has been engineered for long and durable performance. Featuring a proven pulley system that allows you to lift and lower your bicycle and other heavier objects, such as ladders, the Ceiling Hoist allows you to store them well out of the way and never need to be worried about until needed again next.

  • Includes mounting hardware and full instructions.
  • Clever auto-locking mechanism prevents accidental release.
  • Maximum ceiling height 4 meters.
  • Maximum load 23kg.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.


Dimensions 240 × 80 × 1050 mm
Weight limit



Raising an item

Ensure the hooks are properly located and the cord is not twisted before pulling on the cord. The auto-locking device will hold the item suspended with each pull. Once hoisted to the correct height, wrap the excess cord securely around the cleat. Do not cut any excess cord.

Lowering an item

Pull the cord toward the rear pulley while maintaining tension on the cord. This will release the auto-locking mechanism so the weight of the item will now cause the item to lower. Keeping the tension in this direction, slowly let the cord out as the item lowers. Once low enough, remove it from the hooks and wrap the cord
back on the cleat.

For hoisting some items such as kayaks, it may be necessary in addition to use a suitable strap system with the hooks.


Download instructions

Tools required

  • Philips head screwdriver.
  • Tape measure.
  • 1/8″ or 3mm drill bit.
  • Drill.
  • Stud locator for ceilings and walls covered with plasterboard.

Important assembly instructions

  • Read all instructions carefully prior to installing and using this Ceiling Hoist. Improper installation can result in personal injury and/or damage to property. If in doubt, have this item installed by a professional. The manufacturers and sellers of this item cannot accept responsibility for any injury or damage caused by incorrect installation or improper use.
  • Never exceed maximum total load of 23kg.
  • Before use, thoroughly test the hoist fully weighted with the item intended to be stored ensuring the unit has been installed securely and is functioning properly.
  • Make sure that there are no obstruction to restrict operation of the hoist assembly as well as the hoisted item eg. cars, equipment, garage doors or other items.
  • Do not cut the rope.