Bike Rack with Tyre Tray


Our best-selling bike rack with tray to prevent tyre marks

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Product code AS4007C.

About the Bike Rack with Tyre Tray by Delta Cycle

The Delta Bike Rack with Tyre Tray has been our best-selling bicycle storage product in the United States for years. Featuring an elegant space-saving design, this rack offers convenient minimalist storage for any bike at a great price. Instead of throwing your cycling partner in the garage, display your bicycle like the work of art it is.

  • Tough silver powder-coated finish with a rubber coating to protect your wheel rim.
  • Durable opaque plastic tray saves your wall from tyre marks.
  • Works with tyres up to 2.5″ wide.
  • Maximum load 18kg.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.


Dimensions 160 × 180 × 290 mm
Weight limit




  • WARNING: Improper installation could result in personal injury including damage to your wall and your bike! Mount on a wall capable of supporting 18kg.
  • Users should be aware of mounted racks to avoid potential accidental injuries. Avoid mounting rack in a position where personal injury could result from protruding rack not being noticed and accidentally walked into.
  1. Identify where a wooden stud lies within the wall.
  2. Determine the correct height to mount the rack, by:
    1. holding bike upright with both tyres touching the wall, and
    2. marking the spot where the front tyre touches the wall, then
    3. measure 310mm above that spot to mark the top screw hole of rack.
    • Be sure to avoid drilling into any electrical, plumbing or other service fixtures hidden within the wall.
  3. Drill a pilot hole for wood screw (must be in a wooden stud).
  4. Use a spirit level to determine the vertical line for a second screw.
  5. Screw in the top hole but not fully home.
  6. Drill a pilot hole for the second screw along a vertical line.
  7. Fully tighten both screws.
  8. Stand back and enjoy aesthetic appeal of the Leonardo on your wall. Hang your bike in a pleasing manner.
  • IMPORTANT: Be certain the rack is properly secure before hanging bikes. Do not exceed 18kg total load on rack.